Our story

Terrats, land of legend

A long time ago, in the days when Barcelona was not more than a patch of land, a city known as Mirmanda existed on the banks of the Canteraneriver. Mirmanda was known as a house of fearies (“les Encantades”) before being suddenly swept away by a flood rising from the Mediterranean. Invisible to ordinary mortals, the city had only been seen by a few shepherds appreciated by the fairies. Some of them then became wealthy. No-one knows the origin of this legend which illustrates the fertile Catalan imagination.

The oldest recorded mention of the village of Terrats, known as “Terrenum”, goes back to July 30th 844. On that day, Argila, son of the count of Barcelona sold two estates to his son Bèra. One was called Furchas (today the village of Fourques) and the other was Terrenum. A century later, in 960, the name was transformed into Terradas, and shortly afterwards was finally known as Terrats.

The “Terrassous” are the inhabitants of Terrats. It’s under this name that the Vinegrowers of the villages of Thuir, Fourques and Terrats have chosen to gather. Since 1932, our vignerons work hard on these arid hillsides. They are today 70 growers cultivating 800 hectares of land and their will and passion remainfiercely attached to this piece of land.