A legend, a terroir and men

An ancestral know how, men’s souls

An art, a passion

“At Terassous, you do not need to be a wine expert. Our goal is simply to share with you genuine wines, made by passionate producers on an exceptional terroir.”

Les “Aspres”, name of our territory and newly recognized Appellation, is a land of garrigues, vineyards and cork-oaks woods. A piece of Catalogne, dominated by the Canigoumountain between Spain and the Mediterranean. Here, the climate is arid, the soils are poor and men are hard workers.

Youthfull, matured and powerful or sweet wines, Terrassous offers you a great palette of colours and styles.

Welcome in Terrassous’ universe.


Concours Général Agricole 2014

This competition aims to select and reward the best French wine producers.      

Star Products

Villaré Juliani
Villaré Juliani
Box of 6 bottles
Price47,00 €

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Code of Public Health : art L. 3342-1, L. 3342-3
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